Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization

I hereby authorize Community First Bank, on behalf of itself, to initiate a one-time debit entry to the external account at the financial institution noted within the transfer for opening of the new account. I am agreeing to authorize an external checking or savings account to electronically transfer funds to open the new account.

  • I authorize Community First Bank to use the information submitted to perform a one-time debit from my external bank account.
  • I certify that I am an owner or authorized signer for this account.
  • I authorize the financial institution where this account is held to honor the withdrawals.
  • I acknowledge it is my responsibility to have sufficient funds in this account to cover these withdrawals. I understand that any withdrawal that is refused due to insufficient funds may be resubmitted at Community First Bank’s discretion. If there are not sufficient funds in this account, I understand my account may be canceled or closed at the bank’s discretion.