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We’re thrilled to announce our brand new partnership with Zogo, a mobile app that teaches you financial knowledge, and rewards you for doing so!

Thanks to this partnership, Community First Bank account holders will have access to a fun, simplified way of learning about personal finance – and a way to get paid while they do it.

Here’s how the app works:
  • Users have access to nearly 400 bite-sized educational modules that meet all the national standards for financial literacy
  • Users begin each module by learning 5 concepts before taking a 5 question quiz
  • The user earns points – in the form of pineapples – for completing each educational module
  • Users can exchange their pineapples for gift cards (and other rewards), sponsored by Community First Bank!
  • Community First Bank account holders will receive
    access to the Zogo platform at no cost.

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 SecurLock Customer FAQ

A mobile app that allows you to control how, when, and where your debit and/or credit cards are used…

Turn your Community First debit and credit cards OFF and ON; Control WHERE they can be used, set spending limits, and receive INSTANT alerts…all on your smartphones.

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Debit Card EMV Chip Reader Requirements

Learn the difference between debit card and credit card fraud.

Spotting Debit Card Fraud

Learn about different types of debit card fraud and tips to protect yourself.

Lost Or Stolen Cards

If your debit or credit card has been lost or stolen, don’t worry. Call the number below—we’ll help you sort it out and send your replacement card quickly.

Debit Cards Call 1-800-500-1044

Credit Cards Call 1-800-325-3678


Debit Card vs Credit Card

Learn the difference between debit card and credit card fraud.

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