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MasterCard® Debit Card

A Community First MasterCard Debit Card is as easy to use as a credit card and simpler than writing a check. It’s fast, convenient, secure and honored wherever MasterCard is accepted. It can also be used for ATM access.

Telephone Banking

Our Telephone Banking system enables you to access and retrieve financial information from any touchtone phone. You can:
  • Access balance information (minus any placed holds).
  • Verify recent deposit activity.
  • Verify recent check or debit card activity.
  • Transfer funds between accounts.

To access Telephone Banking call 864-718-0743 or toll free at 1-800-589-8388.

Safe Deposit Boxes

We offer boxes in multiple sizes to store important papers and other valuables for safekeeping (subject to availability).

People Pay

People Pay is a fast, safe way to send and receive money. You can use it to:

  • Reimburse your roommates for rent and other expenses
  • Send your niece or nephew a cash birthday gift
  • Pay back the friend you owe for lunch, concerts, or football tickets
  • Pay your babysitter, landscaper, or housekeeper with just and e-mail address


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