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Business Savings Account

Business Savings: Federal regulations limit the number of withdrawals and/or transfers from a savings account by telephone/PC transfer, pre-authorized transfer, check or debit card. Limitations include six withdrawals and/or transfers from a savings account each statement cycle by pre-authorized transfer, or telephone/PC transfer (including bill payments). If the account permits transfers by check or debit card, no more that three of the six limited transfers may be by check or debit card.

  • Any business including Corporations and Partnerships may open this type of account.
  • Interest is compounded daily, credited quarterly and calculated based on daily balance method. The rate of interest established by the bank is subject to change.
  • Minimum deposit to open account: $100.00
  • Minimum daily balance to earn interest: $50.00
  • Per withdrawal charge after exceeding regulatory limitations above (frequent exceeding of limitations may result in account reclassification or closure): $1.00
  • Quarterly maintenance fee if quarterly minimum balance is less than $100.00: $3.00
  • Penalty for early closing within 90 days: $15.00